Dewey Exhibit Consulting offers hands-on technical expertise to the creation or the revision of Exhibits and Museum activities, with years of experience building custom electronics for exhibits.  From the concept stage to final installation, DEC will bring continuity to your production process to insure the final result equals its conceptional beginning.  As a part of the concept process, Dewey Exhibit Consulting will add knowledge of technology new and old to best suit your exhibit's needs and budget.

In the Concept phase, Dewey Exhibit Consulting allows clients the ability to affirm the technical viability of an exhibit or museum activity, as well as inject ideas for the exhibit based to knowledge of past and current technology.  Being part of the Concept process, both product sourcing and pricing will be provided to accurately budget your exhibit.

In the Production process as a technical liaison, communication between the client, vendors, and fabricators can be translated for each party so the artistic concept meets the practical reality.  This would be done in an effort to remove misunderstandings about the direction and purpose of how the technology is to be used in the exhibit, saving time and money.

In the Post-Production phase, Dewey Exhibit Consulting will provide installation oversight of equipment installation and setup to ensure the technology is working correctly, and in keeping with the concept.  At the point of installation of the exhibit, On-site technical support for troubleshooting unforeseen problems can be provided.

Years of experience creating and fabricating interactive elements for exhibit displays, and decades of experience in creating effects for the theatre adds the ability to readdress previous exhibit ideas that were unsuccessful, and create a new working plan for an exhibit.

6803 Maple Street  -  Omaha, Nebraska  68104  -  (402) 871 - 6770  -
6803 Maple Street  -  Omaha, Nebraska  68104  -  (402) 871 - 6770  -
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